Keeping Newborn Baby Warm

In the first few months of their life, most babies find it difficult to adjust their body temperature. They can get too hot or too cold and hence, it is the responsibility of the parent to keep the baby at a comfortable body temperature. The most comfortable home temperature for a baby is 68-70 degrees F.

Understanding whether the baby is warm enough needs practice. Since babies cannot adjust their own body temperature, it is up to the parents to dress and cover them properly. There are some indicators though, which help the parent to decide whether their baby is too hot or too cold.

How To Check If The Baby Is Warm?

One of the most common methods is to check the back of the baby’s neck. Hands and feet are not really reliable indicators as their temperature is usually lower than the rest of the body. If the back of the neck is warm, then the child is comfortable enough. However if one detects signs of sweat then the baby needs to lose a layer of clothing or two. Similarly, if the back of the neck is cool, then the baby needs covering up.

If the baby’s face is blotchy, and her hands, feet and belly and back feel cool to touch, then without doubt the child is too cold and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the baby feels damp to touch, moisture has accumulated on the skin, then the baby needs a change of clothing as being over-bundled may lead to prickly heat, rashes etc.

Another way to check is by using a baby thermometer. One can check the underarm temperature of the baby at regular intervals in order to ensure that the baby is warm enough.

If the baby is being fussy and crying, it indicates that they are uncomfortable. Usually this occurs if they are too warm. On the other hand, they will show signs of shivering if they are too cold.

Babies are normally a little chillier than an average adult. Hence the first rule in dressing them up is to add one extra layer of clothing than what the adult is wearing at that time. This usually helps to maintain the body temperature pretty well. It’s always advisable to use thin layers of clothing as layering keeps the baby comfortable. Also, cotton is the best material to use as it encourages air circulation and the baby doesn’t get too warm.

Hence it can be said that understanding whether a baby is warm enough or not takes practice. With time parents develop an idea about it. The trick lies in dressing up the baby in a proper way, as per the weather around, so that they are comfortable.

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